David M. Oates v. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.

Case No.: 5:19-CV-01171-SLP

Review Notice and Submit Claim

The FLSA is a federal law that provides remedies for minimum wage and overtime violations. The FLSA allows a single employee to bring claims against an employer on behalf of himself and other similarly situated employees. This is referred to as a collective action.

A former Inspector who performed services for Kinder Morgan filed this Lawsuit on behalf of himself and other Inspectors who worked on Kinder Morgan projects who were allegedly paid a day rate with no overtime. Plaintiff alleges that Kinder Morgan violated the FLSA because it was his employer under the FLSA and did not pay him or other Inspectors the proper amount of overtime for all hours worked over forty hours each week. In addition to unpaid overtime, Plaintiff through the Lawsuit is seeking liquidated (double) damages equal to his unpaid overtime, attorneys’ fees, and costs.

Kinder Morgan denies Plaintiff’s allegations and has asserted various defenses. Kinder Morgan denies all liability but believes this settlement is a business solution to this dispute. The Court has not made any decision as to which side is right.

The Court preliminarily approved this Settlement and authorized this Notice be sent to you and other eligible workers to inform you of your rights related to this lawsuit and your ability to join this collective action lawsuit and, by joining, participate in the Settlement. After the deadline to consent to join this collective action lawsuit and to participate in the Settlement expires, the Court will decide whether to give final approval to the proposed Settlement.

Please click “’Review Notice and Submit Claim” at the top of this screen to review and submit the Notice of Collective Action and Claim and Consent Form.

  • This is the document that you must complete and return by April 22, 2024 to receive a settlement payment. Failure to complete and return the Consent to Join, Claim Form, and Confidential W-9 will make you ineligible for a settlement payment. Please click “Important Documents” at the top of this screen to access the following documents:
  • Claim Form

    In order to join this FLSA collective action and be eligible to receive a Settlement Award, you must provide all of the information requested on this Consent to Join and Claim Form, AND the Substitute W-9, sign and date them, and return them to the Settlement Administrator postmarked on or before April 22, 2024. Any Consent to Join and Claim Form, and Substitute W-9 postmarked or received without a postmark after April 22, 2024. will not be valid.'

    This Notice is intended to advise you of how your rights under the FLSA may be affected by this Lawsuit and describe how to join this FLSA collective action and participate in this settlement if you want to.
  • Confidential W-9 Form
If you have any questions about the settlement, please contact the Settlement Administrator at 1(888) 602-3304